MILK Baby Bum Paste


Hypo-allergenic barrier cream to treat and prevent diaper rash, cracked nipples and chapped lips



MILK stands for Motivate Inspire Love and Kare

Premium baby and child care brand.

The Milk Bum Paste with zinc oxide and sweet almond oil treats nappy rash, cracked nipples and chapped lips. Our MILK bum paste contains the highest level of medical grade Lanolin. This barrier cream regenerates, reconstructs, soothes and heals the skin. It is hypo-allergenic and paraben free containing natural mineral oils and bees wax. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients:
*Lanolin – A natural oil/wax derived from sheep’s wool. An occlusive moisturiser and prevents moisture loss from the skin
* Sweet Almond Oil –5% Reconstructs, rejuvenates and heals skin
*Beeswax – Natural barrier and humectant, helping skin stay hydrated
*Zea Mays – allows for natural product claim and provide sensorial benefits. anti-inflammatory, moisture absorber
*Zinc Oxide – Treat or prevent minor skin irritations ie burns, cuts and diaper rash


What’s in the box
1x 250ml MILK Baby Bum Paste


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